Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hack3rCon^4: Notes and slide deck "NSA wiretaps are legal and other annoying facts"

I have had several people request my slide deck from Hack3rCon^4. Because of bandwidth and email issues, I have uploaded it and my notes here. Dropbox

The video of my presentation can be found on IronGeek's site.

Have fun and don't forget to speak with your elected officials often!

*****Note: I got a couple of things wrong in my presentation.
1) The coauthor of the 2nd Amendment that I was referring to is George Mason. Some really good quotes on the 2nd Amendment can be found here and here. Before discussing what the founders "intended," read what they actually said!
2) I eluded to the 17th Amendment as a joke but got the timeframe wrong. The 17th amendment forced States to hold direct elections for Senators in 1913. Prior to this, some States still allowed  Senators to be appointed by those State's governors. This intent of the 17th Amendment was to stop the corruption of Senators at the State level. This worked! However, Senators are now corrupted at the national level.

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