Saturday, October 5, 2013

Louisville Metro InfoSec Conference

     A small conference, in a big city. This year I attended the Louisville Metro InfoSec Conference. This is my third time to attend and will not be my last. The quality of presentations is always great and the small number of attendees give the con an intimate feel. This year, the highlights for me were the second keynote speech by David Kennedy (Burn it Down! Rebuilding and Information Security Program), the presentation by Adrian Crenshaw (Information Security in University Campus and Open Environments), and the lock pick area run by Kyle Stone.
     What can I say about Dave's speech. As usual, it was very entertaining. Start with a gut check, add a liberal dose of humor, and end with 5 key steps that will help any organization improve their business. Yes, I did say, improve your business. After all, no one wants to start a business to meet compliance. They want to make money. Watch Dave's presentation for more information.
     Adrian had a very interesting presentation. He helped the audience understand how an average college co-ed could wreak havoc on the open networks at universities. After all, most university administrators actually believe that creativity is stifled if you even attempt to secure your environment. He also highlighted the means by which IT and InfoSec can counter these "hackers." The presentation is heavy with links to tools but I recommend it since the tools are worth it.
     Finally, the lock pick village was the break I needed from the typical con burnout. There are few things better than picking up a couple of small pieces of metal and opening those wafer locks!

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