Sunday, October 9, 2016

Slingbag with a suit jacket?!?! I thought you were a professional!

It's 8 AM on a Sunday and I'm sitting in the airport. This will make my 4th week in a row traveling. I have 2 more to go before I can begin to recover. At age 43, traveling is beginning to become a burden.

There are many things that I could write about but one in particular is going to get my attention. My sling pack. There has been much talk recently about wearing backpacks while in a suit. I am of the camp that you shouldn't do it, but not for the reasons that most have been stating. I don't do it because it messes up the jacket. I could care less about how it looks. (oh, I have tattoos too so feel free to complain about that too).

There will always be those people who will complain because a person does not look "traditional" or "professional." My question to them is, are you paying my consulting fees for fashion advice or for the 20+ years of experience I bring to the table? Don't get me wrong, I will wear a suit when I am talking to your "c-suite" or slacks and a company polo or button-down the rest of the time. As a representative of my company, I do not get to do what I want. With that said, when I show up carrying, in my hands, a sling pack, back off.

You should be asking "Why is this guy carrying a sling pack?" The easiest way to answer that question is with a video from my friend Tom Moore. His AIDE 2016 presentation, Minimalistic Physical Assessment Kit, changed my life in a couple of ways. One is that I now use a sling pack for everything; work, hiking, and sight seeing. 

I hope his presentation is helpful. If you want a sling pack for yourself, I recommend the Overwatch Sling Pack from Yukon Outfitters. Track it on Woot! to get the best deal.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

I'm baaaaaccccckkkkk!

Hello InfoSec world! I just wanted to let everyone know I will begin blogging again!

The Long Journey Back!
The first thing I want to blog about is a shout out to Johnny Long and his family. It looks like the Long's have come home after, what was it, 7 years in Uganda. Welcome home and I look forward to helping you here in the states. My family trip to Uganda and Kenya last year serves as a high point in my life. You were truly doing God's work and I am proud to say I could help!
Want more info, click here >

Derby! Derby! Derby!
I have been selected to speak at DerbyCon 6.0 "Recharge!" My talk this year is entitled "Hacking for Homeschoolers: STEM Projects for under $20." I am tentatively scheduled for Saturday at 3PM. Please drop in for a little bit of a Maker Faire, some cool toys, and learnin'.
Want more info on DerbyCon, click here

P.S. Are you a person of faith? Do you have questions? Do you want to slow down and fellowship with fellow Christians during a hectic weekend conference? Don't forget about CrossCon at Derbycon!

PCI Community Meeting
I will be attending the 2016 North American PCI CM this September. The week of DerbyCon by the way. (Prayers needed now please). If you want me to ask any specific PCI questions, feel free to ask your question below or contact me directly by one of the means highlighted on the right frame.

The Main Event
Last month I went with several men from Immanuel Baptist Church to The Main Event in Nashville, TN. This was a blast! Not only did I get to fellowship with some of the men of my church, I got to meet and talk with men from all over America. There were guest speakers such as Tim Tebow, Nick Vujicic, TC Stallings, and Jonathan Evans. I particularly likes the speech by Jimmy Sites. He is a Christian adventurer/hunter/outdoorsman whose show, Spiritual Outdoor Adventures, can be seen online, on DirecTv channel 604, or on Dish channel 393.

Vietnam! and Japan!
My family is in the midst of planning a trip to Japan and Vietnam for October. We will be gone of r2 weeks. The purpose of this trip is to allow my son Isaac to see the country of his birth and be a Christian witness to the world. This will not be a mission trip like last year's Uganda and Kenya trip. I will use this forum to blog about our travels. You can expect some security advice as well (after all, this is a Security Blog).

Bye for now!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Ohio InfoSec Forum Anniversary Meeting

   The OISF is a small but passionate group of individuals that hosts an annual meeting at the Miami Valley Research Park in Dayton, Ohio. This is my second time going and, once again, I had fun. The size of the audience was relatively small and the level of presenters was rock star!
   This years line up included Ben Ten (@Ben0xA), Dave Kennedy (@HackingDave), Adrian Crenshaw (@irongeek_adc), Phil Grimes (@grap3_ap3), Dino Tsibouris and Mehmet Munur. You have to agree that is an excellent lineup!
   The price of this meeting is a whopping $10 entry fee and includes bagels and coffee for breakfast as well as pizza, drinks, and Oreo cookies for lunch. I highly recommend that you attend this meeting next year. If you are from the Dayton area, I recommend you stop bye on the 2nd Thursday of each month for their monthly meeting. More information can be found on their website. If you are on Twitter, their handle is @oisf. They are worth following.

    ***As always, thanks to Adrian for recording the talks. You rock! Check out the videos at***

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Kenya. The pride of Africa!

Now that I am back in the land of wifi and clean electricity, I figured I would post some more pics from our trip.

InfoSec 101: Don't disregard ESET errors
Isaac makes a friend

Solome's church. What a fun time!

Preparing lunch for the churchgoers.

After lunch we hosted a medical clinic. We helped over 120 patients.

Solome shows us the community farming plot she started. She teaches men how to farm.

We gave Solome a laptop (donated by ANRC-Services) with Shamba on it. Shamba (donated by Hackers for Charity) is a farming program designed by Kenyan farmers for Kenyan farmers.



   This week the EFF exposed themselves as a group of highly intelligent morons (again) when they "exposed" the U.S. Navy's attempt to purchase 0-days. Nate and Andrew admit that they found the request on a public website but then quickly changed to focusing on the evils of the government. What is the purpose of the article you may be asking? Simple. Taking a queue from the IT security sales companies, EFF has turned to simple FUD as a means to collect your donations.

Give it up sheep! Baaaa!

Feel free to read the drivel for yourselves here.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Goodbye Uganda and Our New friends

I just wanted to close out our Uganda trip with a final post.
Yesterday we visited Sole Hope. Their purpose is to go to communities, teach about sanitation, and find people affected by the flea locally known as a jigger. Each person is assessed for severity of infestation and the 15 worst cases are taken in for surgery. The tools used for surgery include pesticides (to kill the jiggers), a razor (to cut the skin open), and a safety pin (to dig out the eggs and larvae). I will never look at a safety pin the same.
We had lunch at Ozzie's. She is an 86 year old Australian fireplug who has lived here for over 40 years.
We wrapped the day up by teaching at the hackers pace.

This morning we got up early, ate breakfast, said our goodbyes, and headed to the airport. 4 hours later and here we are. Waiting on our flight to Nairobi where the hard work begins.

I want personally take time to thank the Longs again for opening their home to 7 complete strangers. I want to say goodbye to Mark since I didn't get to see him this morning. Finally, I wanted to mention Gerald, Johnson, and Henry. You are each special.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Hackers, Babies and Street Kids

Today was another wonderful day. The family went to Amani Baby Cottage while I spent the whole day at the hackerspace with Johnny, Mark, and Henry. I got to talk to Henry in detail about his iPhone app. It is ready for release but they still need to raise the $99 to register for an Apple id.

I worked with Johnny a little on a new educational build and Chromebook for Kenya. The build was put together by Kenyans for Kenyans. How cool. I also played with the LittleBits learning system. This is what we used tonight to teach the kids about circuit theory. Just like yesterday, they loved the education. I think Johnny will have a few good trainees that can benefit from this and can reach great heights.

The other thing I had fun with was assisting Mark with the 3D printer. I learned a lot from him.

P.s. I hope you enjoy the picture of the random Hello Kitty crane game. Gotta love Africa!