Friday, October 11, 2013

My EPIC week of FAIL! and better things to come

So, this week was a hum-dinger! I tackled some tasks at work that, well, didn't work. I finally started some high priority home projects that, well, FAILED! I decided that self deprecation is about the only thing I can get right this week so here it is...

Q: What happens when you spend hours creating a powerpoint presentation and import it into Captivate (like I have done many times before)?
A: It crashes your computer of course.

Q: What happens when you restore files from the midnight backup?
A: It does not restore the the last 6 hours of work of course.

Q: What else happens?
A: You also have to do another 5 hour FTP of Rachel-Pi.

Q: What happens when you change your password and forget what it is?
A: You continue an all day loop of forgetting and reseting your password.

Q: What happens when you root for the Jets while putting DD-WRT on that shiny new router?
A: You accidentally rip the power cord out of the back, bricking the router.

Q: What happens when you perform a "hard" reset (like I have had to do many times before)?
A: You listen to things go pop, watch the blue smoke escape, cry as the power light goes black, and cover your nose from the acrid odor.

Q: What happens when you root your old Android phone in order to get ready to play at SkyDogCon?
A: You remember that you stopped using the phone because it won't hold a charge longer than 1 hour!

Q: What happens when you decide to give up on all things electronic and you take the trash to the curb?
A: The Herbie cart slips out of your hand and trash spills all over the yard!

On the plus side, I will be starting a new blog series that will include learning a new tool, reviewing it, and interviewing the author. Many brilliant people have responded favorably to my interview requests and I will begin with Armitage and  Raphael Mudge. 

Oh, last but not least, I have been accepted to speak at SkyDog! This week was not a total FAIL.

I think I will sleep until Monday now.

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