Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hack3rCon^4: Eye of the Storm

     What do you get when you mix Information Security, prepping, and technology with mountains, makers, and moonshine? Hack3rCon! I was fortunate enough to both attend and speak/teach at Hak3rCon^4 this year. This is my second time to attend Hack3rCon and I was not disappointed. For the meager price of $75 the attendee will be privy to cutting edge tools, "A" list presenters, and fellowship.

     This year's con began on Friday with a community driven class on the installation and use of the new Kali Linux BackTrack load. This class introduced the novice to the tool. The relaxed setting and knowledge of the instructor set the tone for the weekend. Students learned that installing and setting up Kali is easier than earlier versions and is not as frustrating for noobies. Friday ended with an @HackerFamilyDinner at a local steakhouse.
     Saturday began with Dave Kennedy as the keynote. As always, Dave captivated the audience with his simple way of communicating the holes in security "best practice." After all, just because the masses are doing it, doesn't mean that it is best. He wrapped his presentation by performing a quick demo of his new tool [working title: Pentesting Framework]. This was promptly followed by a series of outstanding presentations that ran until 5PM. After a short break for dinner, 304 Geeks treated everyone to a gun safety class (something you never see at a conference).
   The conference wrapped up on Sunday with another lineup of great talks, the wrap-up of the CTF, and several raffle drawings. People said their goodbyes and, as usual, teams were formed to tackle some hard infosec problems.
    My thoughts of this conference are all positive. The small size, usually around 100 people, coupled with the low price for a ticket and the caliber of the presentations makes this one of my favorite cons. I look forward to attending next year.

As always, videos for this con can be found at Thanks Adrian!

I would also like to thank the rocking sponsors for making this con possible. This is the first time I have thanked sponsors on my blog. This should tell you something about the level of support.

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