Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hello again! And goodbye!

It has been a while. After blogging for a while I decided to take a break. Last month I wrote a blog for my new employer and have the bug again. This is great timing since I am about to go to Africa with my family. Our trip has been in the making for quite a while now. There are many people I would like to thank before I do anything else:
1. My family (Gretchen, Emily, Audrey, and Isaac)
2. My in-laws (Gary, Lisa, Rachel, and Nathan)
3. Our church family at Immanuel Baptist Church for the prayers
4. The people of First Baptist Church of Somerset, KY for sponsoring us, donating funds, and the prayers
5. The Hackers for Charity family (Johnny and Jen Long, Sam and Glenn) for the ideas, travel assistance, and the RuggedPi kits
6. The Appalachian Institute for Digital Evidence for hiring Emily and me (this was the moment we were able to switch from a couple of us going to the whole family going)
7. Nathan Swain at ANRC-Services for donating the computers
8. Dr. Terry Finger for providing the money for our Visas in Kenya
9. Professor Bill Gardner (@oncee) for allowing Emily and me to teach your classes at Marshall University and the mention in your book
10. The Nelson's for donating the money to buy a generator for the orphanage
11. Tom Moore (@c0ncealed) for the cash donation and encouragement
12. ShmooCon, DerbyCon, CircleCityCon, AIDE, and BSides Nashville for letting us speak;  SkyDogCon and GrrCon for the donations

Be sure to check in every few days for updates on our travels.

PS Thanks to Handle (@jkentakula) for reminding me to thank Radio Shack. Because they went out of business, we were able to buy several items for HFC at 80% off. Perfect timing Radio Shack!