Monday, May 25, 2015

For the kids...

Today began slow and ended strong! We  intended to wake up at 8 and go to the central market. We all got up much earlier (thanks jetlag) and just sat around enjoying the view.

We made it to the Central Market after a quick stop at the Forex to exchange some money. The market was pretty cool. The kids purchased a few things (actually, it was just Audrey). I bought some spices for myself.

We ate lunch at the Keep Cafe again. That was excellent. Then we went back to the Jinga House for a nap!

After waking up we went to the Hackers for Charity hackerspace and helped Johnny Long teach a robotics class to street kids. What an experience. These kids were great. They all listened attentively, asked and answered questions, and lit up when they ''got their hands dirty."

Tomorrow I get to spend the whole day there with Johnny and Mark while the rest of the group goes to the Amani Baby cottage.

I hope you enjoy the pictures I have posted.

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