Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Almost ready for Africa2015

Well, 2 days until we fly out! I thought I would be nervous at this point but I feel great. It is all in God's hands. I just thought I would send a quick update to all of my followers. (all 2 of you that is)

We have received several care packages destined for Johnny Long and family. All of this should be a great addition to the things Hackers for Charity received this week from @B31tf4c3. 

I have made final go-no-go checks on the equipment destined for the Kenyan orphanage and the Maasai school. Thanks as always to Hackers for Charity and World Possible for the gift of equipment and educational software. I am still a little nervous about the equipment making it to Kenya unscathed.

Gretchen has organized all the luggage for the multiple medical clinics we are hosting as well as the showing of the Jesus film at our hotel.

One of many piles for HFC
Another pile
Getting it all boxed up

I think someone wants to go with us

Gretchen doing her thing.

Van #1 of 2 loaded

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