Sunday, June 15, 2014

CircleCityCon: A great new con with a big future

For those who have read my blog before, you know I have a passion for "local" cons. BSides Nashville, AIDE, Hack3rCon, SkyDogCon, DerbyCon...I like them all. Now there is one more to add to the list. The inaugural CircleCityCon was held this weekend in Indianapolis, IN. I feel honored that they allowed me to volunteer as an IronGeek video jockey and selected my daughter as a speaker. The organizers are familiar faces who I have seen at many other regional cons.
     The format of the con is the familiar setup of speaker halls (2x), high quality training (free), a CTF, lock pick village, and something new to me, a book exchange. The lineup of speakers was top notch and the training, I was told, was professional.
     Of special note was the feel of the con. It reminded me of DerbyCon. I did not witness any drunken stupidity or general d-baggery. I look forward to seeing everyone again next year. do I get to GrrCon?

Here is the link to our presentation. (Thanks as usual Adrian!)

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