Wednesday, May 21, 2014

BSides Nashville: The wrap-up

Elvis is in the building!
     Yep, that happened. Not only did BSides Nashville have world class speakers, free ribs for lunch, and a healthy turnout of first time con-goers (round 70% said it was their first con), they had this guy! The only negative comment I have about the whole thing is that my work laptop - with my presentation - crashed. This didn't affect me too much since I had my presentation saved in multiple places and only had to recreate about an hour worth of work.

     If you want to watch my presentation, click here. As always, thanks to Adrian for donating his time and energy to recording the talks. Also, thanks to the organizers for allowing me to help Adrian. You should all volunteer at least once at a con. There is no easier way, to give back to the community.
Here are the things I messed up in my presentation that I want to call out:  
1. Totally butchered the meaning of Confidentiality. I got caught up in the moment.
2. I didn't come up with the tag line on the sticker.
3. The "small cons that don't mean anything" line was the result of my sending a CFP to a large, well known conference. They responded by my query by saying that line.
4. The $80 I spent for the RachelPi was raised by Emily.
5. Not EVERY presentation in the military has a Sun Tzu quote. Just the ones given by the rear echelon people.
6. I do know what a "belt and suspenders" DMZ is, I just haven't seen one in a while.
7. My buddy that calls people "business units" is from Spain so he doesn't have a mastery of English.

Thanks for your time and I hope to see you at Circle City Con in Indianapolis.

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