Monday, April 21, 2014

B-Sides Nashville: Another excellent con (I'm sure)

     Another installment of B-Sides with a touch of Southern charm. From what I understand it came in as reason #26 in a recent top 25 reasons to visit Nashville. From all the chatter, it appears to be a reunion of sorts for the many of the people that attended SkyDogCon last year.
     This is the first con I have ever submitted a CFP to where I didn't get selected. Am I bitter. Heck NO! Not when you see a lineup of presenters like Jack Daniel, Paul Coggin, Rafal Los, Jason Street, and others. This first year con is STACKED! Add to this lineup a Metasploit class (only $300) by Georgia Weidman and you have what promises to be a great couple of days.

     If you can make it on May 17th, feel free to stop by and say "Hi." I have decided to volunteer for the video crew. If you have never met me, I will be the handsome but portly fellow behind one of the cameras.

     Feel free to check out their website It is one of the best B-Sides websites I have ever seen. Perhaps a bit of foreshadowing?

P.S. This blog was meant to post in April but didn't due to operator error. I decided to leave it intact but add an update. I was asked to present! Woo hoo! Make sure you come to my presentation: Sun Tzu was a punk! Confucius was an InfoSec rockstar!

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