Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Top 10 IT/InfoSec terms that need to go!

Many people are sick of buzzwords and want to see them go. I am one of them. I never had a problem with it in the past. Until, that is, non-techies began using them without understanding the implications. 

Here is a list of some of my favorites words or phrases that need to go...

1. Cyber - After many years in the DoD I never got tired of this word. Why is it on my list? Because it is overused by non-DoD peeps when they complain about its use. If you stop complaining about the word, its use will be cut by 3/4.

Image credits - L Macvittie

2. Cloud - When I first used this (10 years ago) it was a picture of an actual cloud to show users that the ISP took over. Now it is so pervasive my kids think of computers before they think of rain.

3. Big data - Uh, what! Why did we ever start using this phrase? Oh, I know. The phrase "lots and lots of data" never caught on. 

4. Black swan - Used to be something until it was EVERYTHING. Just because you suck at business continuity and disaster recovery doesn't mean your problem (experienced by others, by the way) is a black swan.

5. ... for fun and profit - Try to at least be original. Nothing says "I'm a copycat" like this phrase.

6. iWhatever - See number 5.

7. APT - If I can sell you on an idea, I can sell you anything else I want.

8. De-duping - Stop trying to sound cool and use words like efficient.

9. Bloatware - Really, we have to create a new word for unwanted software just because it is on a phone (a.k.a. handheld computer)?

10. Brick - You say you bricked your device. Then you rebooted/restored it. If it is bricked then it will never work again for its intended purpose.

Lets throw one more in for good measure.

11. 4G - Stop using this for anything phone related. It is the 4th generation of mobile phone technology, that is all.

There are others that annoy me but these are the top of my list. Do you have any terms that you want gone? Add them to the Comments sections so they will be used again. 

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