Monday, November 11, 2013

My misfortune and my new (old) phone

     A few months ago, I had the distinct displeasure of updating my company's Mobile Device policy. It was not the fact that I was writing policy (I actually am one of those weird types who enjoy the nuances of policy writing). The displeasure stemmed from the fact that I purchased the Samsung Infuse and this particular phone did not allow encrypting the handset, a clear violation of said policy. Woe is me. I was discussing this fact with our company's AT&T rep when those fateful words came out; "What kind of phone do you want?" I immediately went tops and asked for a Samsung Note II. His answer, "Give me a few weeks and you'll have it!"

     This sounded like a great deal. In hindsight, it was a mistake. After getting attached to my new Note II, I got a fateful call. I had to return the phone. Now I am back to my Infuse. What was a great phone (when first purchased) is now woefully inadequate. Not only that, but now my development device is no longer usable. I can't play with the Infuse while using it as my only phone. Also, I cannot login to corporate email anymore. (Actually, I can. I just choose to not bypass our technical controls). All of this has led me to technology withdrawals. I feel out of touch when I can't respond to an email while waiting in line at the DMV. I always laughed at those who were not sufficiently connected to the world. I know know their pain.

***On a later note. After a week of using my original phone, I am rather enjoying the freedom of responding in my own time! #silverlining***

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