Tuesday, August 13, 2013

DEFCON Shoot (Two days I never should have missed)

To sum it up...♫ I did a bad bad thing ♫ You see, while volunteering at BSides Las Vegas, I decided not to go the DEFCON shoot. After all, I didn't have a car, I didn't know anyone, and I was having a good time at the Tuscany. Now that I am home and the con craze is over, I realized I should have gone anyway. Here are the top 10 reasons why:

(Drum roll please!)

  1. What better way is there to exercise your 2nd Amendment rights than to throw some lead down range!
  2. Having no car is not an excuse! The DEFCON Forums include a shoot thread where details of the carpool are discussed.
  3. The BSides staff had a shuttle bus that ran to the Rio multiple times a day.
  4. Registration for the shoot is easy.
  5. The price is right. $20 at the door. Cheaper if you register early and get one of the discounts.
  6. You get to spend time with some really great people. Deviant Ollam (of DEFCON17 "Packing & Friendly Skies" fame) for one.
  7. A bad day on the range is still a great day!
  8. The smell of gunpowder is exhilarating!
  9. Transfer of knowledge. I have been shooting for 30+ years and am still learning.
  10. The chance to shoot guns that you haven't shot before. I have access to quite an extensive collection but there are still guns haven't shot. Friendly shooters will let you shoot their guns.
(Crash of the cymbals!)

     To correct my transgressions, I reached out to Deviant and volunteered for the DEFCON22 Shoot. After all, the top reason for me becoming a certified NRA Pistol Instructor and Range Safety Officer was to promote the shooting sports in a positive and safe manner.
     I encourage you head out to the DEFCON forums and the Unofficial DEFCON Shoot Page for more information. I hope to see you next year and remember to shoot safe, shoot accurately, and defend your 2nd Amendment rights!

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