Monday, July 21, 2014

First assessment of Syracuse University's Veterans Technology Program

Yesterday I began the enrollment process for the Veterans Career Transition Program hosted by Syracuse University. The following are some noteworthy observations about the registration/pre-launch process.

June 17
Received acceptance email for the July 2014 Cohort!

June 25
Received "next steps" inviting me to view the VCTP admissions overview video.

July 1
The first email I received had an attached standard course registration form. Nothing really to note here except that the form was partially completed by a staff member (convenient) and the Social Security Number block was labeled "Optional." This is a good thing since it lets students know that you do not have to provide it. I do question why the option to give my SSN is even there. I'm sure it eases the burden on staff processing but the h4x0r in me shivers a little.

The second email I received was an official welcome letter from the Director of the Distance Education Programs. I liked the letter because it highlighted key information about the program and my cohort. It also clearly stated who I could call if I have any questions. Hazel, you will not get a call from me yet.

July 10th
Received email notification today that my registration form has been processed.

July 16th
Received an email today that was conveniently broken up into 5 easily digestible parts
1. Advisor: I was assigned an adviser and given her contact details. Ashley F. I am glad to make your acquaintance. Looking forward to our new working relationship!
2. Java Update: This section advised me of a new Java update. This is the second item so far that makes the h4x0r in me shiver. Unlike the SSN issue above, there is no workaround. Looks like I am stuck with using Java (and opening my computer to a whole host of vulnerabilities).
3. Social media: There are 2 social media platforms that the program uses to reach veterans. You can follow them on Twitter @SUgetvet and on Facebook They made it clear that this is not required for the course but recommended it for keeping informed of various veterans benefits.
4. Orientation: I have online orientation on Monday, July 21st at 12:00 PM. This will show me how to access the course work.
5. What's Next: Letting  me know what to look for in the future.

July 16th
Received the Veterans Career Transition Program Advising Guidelines which outlines the requirements and reminds the student to use the adviser.

July 21st
Received my log in creds for the coursework in Skillport. (via email) Doh! Logged in and changed my password. Standard for a university.

Class begins...

I get the feeling that SU has its act together with regards to this program. The process seems to be well documented and followed. Each email references the prior email and refers to a followup email. This acts as a chain that is easy to follow. I hope the course material is just as well done. More to come.

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