Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My daughter and I will be presenting @ShmooCon!!!

For those of you attending ShmooCon in January, please stop by the "One Track Mind" presentations on Friday. My daughter, Emily, and I will be presenting on her efforts to bring Rachel-Pi and Khan Academy to a school/orphanage in Kenya. Here is the outline:

How Hackers for Charity (possibly) saved me a LOT of money

Who we are
How she got to this point in her life
The process of gathering, building, deploying, and training
What's next

I am proud of my daughter and the work she is doing in Africa, all at the ripe old age of 13.

Help me support her by showing up to the talk. As I said in my CFP for ShmooCon: "As a dad, I feel the need to push the limits of my children. This is the perfect outlet for my daughter to learn about our community in a purposeful way. Not only this, I want the rock stars in our community to help me! IT TAKES A VILLAGE! (or so I hear)."

P.S. It is perfectly acceptable to heckle me, as always, as long as you are not too disruptive to her.

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